What is a Merrow Edge?

The Merrow Edge is a special border that gives your patches a polished and professional look. The fuzzy edge created by the “merrowing” process looks great and prevents fraying or unravelling, so you can keep your patches looking fresh for years to come.

It consists of a stitching machine that creates an overlock stitch that binds two edges together by looping secure thread under the fabric. This process helps to prevent unravelling and fraying

while adding strength and flexibility to seams.

The Technique Involved

So, how is it done? The process of making Merrow Edge is relatively simple:

  1. The fabric edges are trimmed, and the two pieces are together, so they line up properly.
  2. A special stitching machine with an overlock stitch creates loops on both sides of the seam that secure the threads together.
  3. The thread is cut off to complete the process, leaving you with a professionally finished seam that is both flexible and strong.

The Benefits

The Merrow Edge technique provides many benefits over traditional finishing techniques, such as serging and binding.

The border created by the Merrow Edge is smoother and more even than a standard serged edge while also being stronger and more durable.

Additionally, this process prevents fraying or unravelling of the edges, ensuring that your patches retain their shape and look for years to come.

Finally, Merrow Edge makes it easier to attach the patch to any fabric surface, as the edge can be sewn or glued directly onto the material.

How Is it Different from Hot Cut Border?

The main difference between Merrow Edge and a Hot Cut Border is the type of finish they create. An electric knife is used with a Hot Cut Border to trim off the fabric’s edges to achieve a smooth finish.

However, this method can cause fraying, so it is often combined with other methods like zigzag stitching or a serger finish. On the other hand, Merrow Edge uses a stitching machine that creates an overlock stitch to secure the edges of the fabric and prevent fraying, making it a more durable and reliable method than Hot Cut Border.

How Can You Put Merrow Edge to Use?

When it comes to custom patches, there is no better way to finish them off than with the Merrow Edge technique. It’s a great way to ensure your patches look professional and last for years.

Whether creating patches for your soccer team or giving out employee recognition awards, using this technique will give your patches an extra “oomph”. Look for companies that offer Merrow Edge finishing on their custom patches to ensure the best possible results.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Nexus Patches and get your custom patch designed with the Merrow Edge today! You won’t be disappointed.

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