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Enhance brand recognition with custom PVC patches. Durable, stylish, flexible and waterproof and can withstand any environment – showcase your logo or artwork for impactful branding.

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    We Are A Custom Rubber Patch Maker

    We are a custom rubber patch maker that specializes in creating durable patches. We offer the ability to create your custom pvc patch with a soft PVC material that is stylish and waterproof, making it an excellent choice for any situation. 

    As a PVC patch manufacturer, we also provide Pantone colour matching to make sure your patch stands out and is truly one-of-a-kind. With our patches being highly waterproof and able to withstand all kinds of weather, you can be sure that your design will last for many years to come. Request a custom quote today and let us help you create the perfect patch for your needs. 

    What Is PVC?

    PVC stand for Polyvinyl Chloride, is superior for creating long-lasting soft rubber patches. It offers a unique combination of durability, strength, lightweight design, and superior weatherproofing capabilities. Due to its characteristics, PVC is especially useful in creating patches for demanding applications like outdoor use or the military. Also, utilizing PVC ensures that your branding remains strong and unaffected by environmental conditions. It provides reliable protection, ensuring the longevity and resilience of your branding. If you want labels and patches that will last for a long time, our PVC patches will serve your need.

    2D PVC Patches

    2D PVC patches are created by arranging multiple layers horizontally. Each layer in a 2D patch is a horizontal plane and flat. These patches are an excellent option for people looking for simpler and more affordable patches compared to 3D patches with the same quality. While 2D PVC patches don’t have sculpted textures like 3D patches, we use techniques that deliver clean and sharp designs similar to them. Thus, if you’re looking for a clean patch for brand promotion, personal use, workwear, or more but have a limited budget, our 2D patches are highly durable and cost affective.

    3D PVC Patches

    3D PVC patches, compared to 2D patches, are composed of multiple layers. But the final layer is rounded off, giving 3D patches their distinctive smooth and raised appearance. While they could cost more than 2D patches, 3D patches look more fun and attractive. The rounded layers of 3D patches give the design depth and visual intrigue, making them a popular alternative for people looking for an eye-catching and distinctive patch solution. Our 3D design draw attention and improve the overall appearance of any item they are put on, whether for branding, personalization, or commemoration, giving you the much-needed “oomph.”

    Why Nexus Patches For Custom Made Patches?

    The Nexus Patches has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable choice among customers. Since we proudly cater to customers from various industries, some belong to military clothing, fire, and police departments, airsoft teams/clubs, tactical paintball teams, homeland security, and tactical equipment. Nexus Patches’ unique PVC patches can be used for various things, including uniforms, accessories, and equipment branding while improving their aesthetic appeal. With our dedication to quality and customization, we offer practical and cost-effective patch solutions to clients from different industries with varying needs and ideas.

    Custom PVC Patch Backing Options

    Explore the unmatched versatility of our PVC patches, providing sew-on patches for enduring attachment, Velcro hook backing patches for effortless application, PVC Adhesive patches for convenience, and magnetic backing for additional options. Tailor your patches precisely to your needs, ensuring optimal functionality and customization for any purpose.

    Custom PVC Patches Sew-on Backing

    Sew-on Backing

    Sew-on backing offers a versatile and durable method of attaching patches to clothing. Whether sewn on by hand or with a machine, it ensures a secure bond that can wear and tear. Suitable for various clothing materials, our sew-on backing adheres effortlessly to rough surfaces like towels and smooth surfaces like leather, letting you experiment with ideas. With sew-on backing, our patches stay firmly in place, adding a personalized touch to garments without worrying about detachment.

    nexuspatches Velcro Patches

    Velcro Backing

    Velcro backing for PVC patches, known as hook-and-loop backing, is an efficient solution for attaching and detaching patches. Utilizing a sewing channel, the loop part is seamlessly secured to clothing items like hats and backpacks, while the hook is affixed to the patch itself. This method proves its versatility in frequent uses by the military, police, and strike ball enthusiasts. If you don’t want something permanent, you can just go for Velcro patches or those hook-and-loop patches.

    Customizable Sizes & Shapes

    The options for customizable sizes and shapes for patches are virtually limitless, depending on your imagination and needs. Also, the cost is determined by the complexity of the design, width, and height of the patches. Our rubber patches come in various shapes and sizes, catering to intended use, recipient, and budget. 

    From as small as ⅝” to as wide as 16 inches and thickness ranging from 1mm to 4mm, we certainly have a size that fits your need. While a typical logo patch should be 2.5mm thick, you can find the patch that fits your idea perfectly with our assistance.

    Why Choose PVC Patches?

    There are several reasons to choose our PVC patches for your customization needs. First, since bespoke PVC patches are easy to attach and long-lasting, they can survive normal wear and tear. Also, these are water-resistant and can withstand rain or shine without losing their quality or appearance, making them ideal for all weather conditions. 

    Furthermore, PVC patches go well with any outdoor gear and jackets, caps, purses, and denim, giving off a chic and distinctive appearance. And let’s not forget; these are great options for advertising your business in a budget-friendly and effective way.

    Custom PVC Patches
    Premium Quality PVC Patches

    Premium Quality PVC Patches

    Nexus Patches takes pride in delivering premium quality PVC patches to its customers. With an extensive range of customization options, you can choose up-to 10 vibrant colors at no additional cost. Whether it’s intricate designs or unique shapes, our custom patches have no limitations on colors, sizes, or shapes. 

    Committed to excellence, Nexus Patches guarantees high-quality durable designs, ensuring every custom patch meets the highest standards of durability and aesthetics. From crafting personalized designs to providing top-notch customer support, we strive to create patches that leave a lasting impression on any clothing or accessory, adding a touch of uniqueness and style to every item.

    How to Order your PVC Patch

    It’s easy to get started with us, just fill out the free quotation form from our website. We will reply you within 24 Hours.

    Get a Free Quote

    Choose your patch type according to your needs, and then submit a free quote. We will respond to you within 24 hours or sooner in working hours.

    Discuss With Our Team

    Discuss your patch design and backing options with our sales agent, and review your patch digital proof before production.

    Place Your Order

    Once the digital proof is approved and payment is made, we immediately resume the production of your patches. Our turnaround time is 10 to 15 business days.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Utilize our years of experience to make your own custom logo patches online and free shipping in USA.

    How Much Do PVC Patches Cost?

    The cost of PVC patches can vary depending on the size and design of the patch. Our pricing starts from $1 to $8 per patch.

    Do you offer bulk discounts?

    Yes, we offer bulk discounts for larger orders. The exact discount rates may vary, so please contact our sales team for more information.

    Do you have a minimum order quantity?

    As a PVC patch maker, we do not have a minimum order quantity for PVC patches. You can order as few or as many as you need.

    Can PVC patches be used as morale patches?

    Yes, PVC patches can be used as morale patches. Their durability and waterproof nature make them perfect for outdoor use.

    What is the Turnaround Time for PVC Patches?

    The turnaround time for PVC patches is usually 2 weeks. However, larger or more complex designs may take a bit longer. We also accept rush orders.

    What factors affect the cost of PVC patches?

    The cost of PVC patches is primarily influenced by the size and design complexity. Generally, larger and more intricate designs tend to be more expensive. Additionally, ordering in large quantities can significantly reduce the unit cost.

    How can I get an accurate cost estimate for my PVC patches?

    For a precise quote, share your patch’s size, design intricacy, desired quantity, and any additional requirements with our sales team. Simplify the process by filling out our quotation form and engaging in a conversation for tailored assistance.

    Why does the use of molds impact the cost?

    As PVC patches utilize molds for production, any design changes post photo sampling may incur a mold fee. Each custom design has its unique mold, contributing to its one-of-a-kind nature.

    How are PVC patches created?

    PVC patches are made by pouring colored, soft-textured PVC into a mold. The first layer represents the base color, followed by additional layers to form your custom design.

    Do you offer free shipping for PVC patches?

    Yes, we offer free shipping for PVC patches.

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